What is Card My Yard?


There’s a new wave of fun coming to a yard near you that has nothing to do with getting TP’d or having a flock of flamingos on your lawn. It’s called Card My Yard and their service is personalized lawn signs for events, special occasions, or just for fun. The new owner of Card My Yard Cedar Rapids, Holly Hase, is excited to help you pull off the perfect surprise.

How Does Card My Yard Work?

Individuals can go on to Card My Yard Cedar Rapids‘s website and customize their package by type of event, names and sayings, colors, and custom graphics. You can choose the date and time you’d like to have it set up along with any special instructions. Once your event date rolls around, Holly will come and personally set up your signs and remove them after 24-48 hours (whichever you specify in your order).

When Would I Use Card My Yard?

Card my yard has been involved in many different types of events. For homes they’ve done graduation parties, birthdays, new baby announcements, bridal showers, welcome home parties, and more. Realtors have used Card My Yard for promoting their open house or welcoming clients to their new home.

They’ve also worked within the community for special events, teacher appreciation, and end of year celebrations. You could catch Card My Yard cheering for the high school football team or announcing the community blood drive. Whether you want to celebrate an occasion or someone special, Card My Yard can create something amazing to do just that.

Learn More

To learn more about the Owner, Holly Hase and Card My Yard Cedar Rapids, visit her business listing here.



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