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Williamsburg, IA

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I started making items for sale in 2010 in my home (I have taken over the basement of my home, haha) and have enjoyed it greatly!

Trying to be unique in the soap market is a challenge, but one I believe I have accomplished. I make all of my products to order with love and care, it is truly my passion and my happy place all rolled up into one! I don’t do fancy, but I do wholesome, affordable, and good for you skin care. I like to call Vanilla Bear products affordable luxury. :)

I have created my own special signature scent and use it throughout my product line. Rich vanilla, oats, almonds and honey make a comforting and delightful scent combo along with pure essential oils, to add some healthy benefits, also.

Also available here in my store are wonderful edible products as well! Mixes and snacks made with vanilla, oats, honey and almond and ones you can eat and drink!

I have done several local farmers markets, in which I enjoyed but I have since went back to work, so now I am selling mostly online, which is a perfect avenue for me to still enjoy this “hobby” I have grown to love.

Thank you for stopping and shopping today! If you have any questions about my products please don’t hesitate to contact me!




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