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The Pink Barrette, LLC

Marion, IA

Mom-made right here in Iowa. If I wouldn’t put it on my daughter, I wouldn’t want it on yours.
I create quality handmade hair bows and accessories. Hair bows at your local store are often mass produced overseas, flattened and wrinkled from shipping, and then they come apart after just a few times of wearing them.

I have years of experience making hair bows, and I know how to do it right. I start with high-quality ribbon (that’s important!), craft bows in the perfect design, heat seal all of our ends, and use construction grade hot glue to keep it all in place. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

I also have the ability to create custom team bows, with names, numbers, sayings, and more.

Why hairbows?

Several years ago during the dawn of Pinterest, I found myself drawn to all things DIY. I tried a little bit of everything (baking, cooking, sewing, furniture, crafts, etc.). And though I only had two boys at the time, I was drawn to hair bows and headbands. I know it seems weird, but I had dreams about hair bows. Every time I closed my eyes, they were fluttering on the other side of my eyelids. I studied videos, tutorials, and techniques, and then practiced them over and over again. I finally presented my bows to sisters and friends with girls, and they liked them.

It just felt right to start this business. And then one late night while I was trying to think of a name for it, I got inspiration from a very unlikely source. It very clearly told me, “The Pink Barrette, The Pink Barrette, The Pink Barrette”, and my business was born. I am too embarrassed to write “the unlikely source” here, but contact me if you are dying to know (if you’re a mom that has breastfed, you will totally get it).

I now have four children, three boys and one girl (my most favorite hair bow model), and business that is growing beyond what I had ever originally thought it could. I never planned on being a business owner/ entrepreneur, but seeing a little girl soooo excited and giddy over something I have created is so rewarding.

I hope you give me the chance to be your bow lady.


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