Offensive Shirts

Cedar Rapids, IA
Our mission is three fold: make shirts, offend somebody, and help people.
How do we accomplish this mission? It’s easy:
  1. The shirts are designed by top-notch designers, and they’re printed and shipped by
  2. Offending people in this country is as easy as opening your mouth.
  3. We help people through donations to worthy organizations/causes.
10% of all profits from sales, unless otherwise specified, are donated to International Justice Mission, an organization that works to rescue people from various kinds of oppression around the world, particularly human trafficking/sex trafficking.
Some shirts might have a specific theme/target and may help benefit other organizations. For instance, 100% of the profits from our “More Jesus Less 2nd Amendment” shirts for the first 3 months will go towards the official GoFundMe fundraiser for the victims of the Parkland Florida school shooting. They have a goal of reaching $3M and we’d like to, in at least a small way help them reach that goal.
If you have an idea for a snarky t-shirt, especially one with a good cause, please let us know. Or don’t, you know whatever. We’re not the boss of you.
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