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kmj Designs is located in SE Iowa and shows at Festivals, Farmers Markets and other areas throughout Eastern Iowa. I am also located inside of the Cedar Rapids NewBo Market at the Artisan’s Emporium and online here at the Cedar Rapids Marketplace. Newly opened in 2017 by Owner and Jewelry Designer Christopher Vasquez (Student of New York Institute of Art & Design). My jewelry is designed with beads from all over the world which include (but not limited to) Stone, Pearl, Metal, Glass, Organic, Crystal and Flame Work glass beads. All of my finished jewelry is made in-house by myself. I incorporate many techniques in my work such as Wirework, Knotting, Stringing, Seed Bead Weaving, and Metalwork to name a few.

My work entails my vision and expresses the many elements of Life. All designs are of my own creation to suit those in all walks of Life. I design Necklaces (All Styles), Bracelets (All Styles), Earrings (All Styles), Some rings and I am now working on Anklets. My designs are One-of-a-Kind and are never replicated.

Thank You and Happy Shopping!

Christopher Vasquez – Owner/Jewelry Designer

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