CR Whiskey Sauce / Shea's Beach Grille

Cedar Rapids, IA

Hi, I’m Shea and welcome to CR Whiskey Sauce Co. I began selling my whiskey sauces at farmers’ markets in 2015 made from my very own recipes. Our company has evolved so much that we have begun production (co-packing) of our sauces and dry rubs in order to sustain supply and demand. We’re certain that once you try our sauce, you’ll be hooked.

During the Iowa winter months, we head down south to promote Shea’s Beach Grille in which is a product of Cedar Rapids Whiskey Sauce Company based in Cedar Rapids, IA. Shea’s Beach Grille sauces are made and distributed in FL and SC though farmers markets and other events in those areas.

Shea’s Beach Grille has a fun label with fun flavor names in which influences our event and market customers to bring a little bit of FL and SC back home with them. A vacation is meant to be fun and memorable therefore we are hoping that our sauces will do the same.

We took the best selling sauces in FL and SC  from CR Whiskey Sauce and put a twist to the flavor and flavor name to help influence more purchases by customers in FL and SC. We have fun names such as Wet T-Shirt (BBQ Mustard Flavor) , Beach Bum (Blackberry Flavor) Beach Bum’s Friend (Spicy Blackberry Flavor) and Drunken Lifeguard (Honey Bourbon Sriracha Flavor)

To order whole cases or to put my product in your store or restaurant, contact me at

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