Snuggle In for a Long Night’s Sleep – Research and Science Behind Weighted Blankets

At Cedar Rapids Marketplace, we are proud to sell weighted blankets that are made right here in our local Cedar Rapids, Iowa community.

Weighted blankets are a powerful assistant to help those suffering from sleeplessness to find peace in a chaotic world. The range of weighed blankets that we sell can be used for any individual. For someone who needs support throughout the day, a weighted lap blanket might be all they need. Our vendors also make weighted blankets for children, youth/teen weighted blankets, and adult-sized weighted blankets.

Typically, weighted blankets have been a resource for children with certain neurological conditions, processing disorders, anxiety or autism. However, many adults are now taking notice of the weighted blanket benefits.

Research and Science Behind Weighted Blankets Adult weighted blankets - benefits of using a weighted blanket

The Research and Science Behind Weighted Blankets

According to a 2015 article in the Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders, one study found that “when the participants used the weighted blanket, they had a calmer night’s sleep, with a decrease in movements”. The results also stated that participants “believed that using the blanket provided them with a more comfortable, better quality, and more secure sleep”.  (Ackerley R, Badre G, Olausson H (2015) Positive Effects of a Weighted Blanket on Insomnia. J Sleep Med Disord 2(3): 1022)

A separate study in the Journal of Occupational Therapy and Mental Health indicated 63% reported lower anxiety after use, and 78% preferred the weighted blanket as a calming modality.

So what is it about the Weighted Blanket that makes one snuggle in for a long night’s sleep?

It’s like having the best hug for a long period of time.” – Dr. Raj Dasgupta, MD WebMD.

Deep Touch Pressure works on the principle of applying weight or pressure to provide proprioceptive input. This input calms and modulates the central nervous system which, in turn, aids the processing of sensory information (Grandin 1992, McClure & Holtz-Yotz 1991)

“A weighted blanket may aid in reducing insomnia through increased tactile and proprioceptive inputs, may provide an innovative, drug-free approach to improve sleep quality.” (Ackerley R, Badre G, Olausson H (2015) Positive Effects of a Weighted Blanket on Insomnia. J Sleep Med Disord 2(3): 1022)

Weighted Blankets: An act of love

The making, giving, and receiving of weighted blankets are acts of love. Our vendors have a passion and talent for making weighted blankets. Their craftsmanship and skill has been built over the years. And they’re sewing with love, knowing they’ll help someone sleep better.

The giving and receiving of a weighted blanket shows how much someone truly cares for the person and what they’re going through. From those who simply are dealing with excessive stress and tension to anyone who suffers from a disorder, weighted blankets offer the perfect safe space to find peace. And, as any sufferer of these conditions or someone who helps an individual with such issues, peace is priceless.

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