Struggle & Salvation II Necklace

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There are Eight pieces of Roman Glass – Roman glass vessel fragments recovered from Roman glass-works rubbish heaps along the silk road.

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This is one of my deepest of thought pieces to date. It depicts the struggles as human beings and the cycle of Life and Death that we go through while learning ourselves and getting closer to our maker.

There are Eight pieces of Roman Glass (Roman glass vessel fragments recovered from Roman glass-works rubbish heaps along the silk road. Dating back from 1100 a.d to 500 b.c. these are an amazing piece of history) symbolizes the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and captures the mistakes and lessons left to learn by man. By using the glass to make beautiful pieces of jewelry and art, we can pick up the pieces of our mistakes from our past and learn from them in the present.

I also included a REAL Ammonite Fossil ( a very powerful earth healing fossil. Its spiral shape symbolizes continual change and evolution. Ammonites have absorbed cosmic energy over eons of time and help to stimulate the life force (Chi) within. Ammonites are often used for activating Kundalini and life path energies).

I think this fossil speaks for the re-building part of ourselves as Human Beings. There are also Eight Shell Seed Beads. The Necklace is 20 1/2″ in Length and is constructed with Gold Metal Chain, 49-Strand Wire for strength and draping (in beaded section), Large Gold Metal Lobster Clasp. This is a very Powerful Necklace if you truly believe and work with it spiritually! ~namaste



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