Miss No Fish- Portable Fishing Rod Holder for Boats or Shore

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Miss No Fish

Miss No Fish- Portable Fishing Pole Holder That Sets a Hook. It snaps easily onto a bucket, firmly holds your rod and reel, has an adjustable automatic pull system that snaps quickly to hook your fish. Portable fishing rod holder boats

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Miss No Fish is a durable portable fishing rod holder for boats or shore. The attachment makes it easy for anyone to enjoy hands-free fishing that actually catches you more fish from a boat or shore! It snaps easily onto a bucket, firmly holds your rod and reel, has an adjustable automatic pull system (triggered by the pole bending) that snaps quickly to hook your fish so you Miss No Fish.

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Miss No Fish- Portable Fishing Rod Holder That Sets a Hook

Watch Miss No Fish- Portable Fishing Pole Holder In Action

If you're the type of fisherman that ENJOYS holding a fishing pole non-stop and quickly responds each time you get a bite, then this product is NOT for you. However, if you enjoy having your hands free while fishing and just reeling in your catch, then you need this in your life. https://www.cedarrapidsmarketplace.com/product/miss-no-fish-portable-fishing-pole-holder/

Posted by Cedar Rapids Marketplace on Thursday, December 21, 2017

My Story about the Miss No Fish- Portable Fishing Pole Holder

I love to fish and this business was developed based on the many experiences I have had fishing over the years. My preferred method is fishing with more than one pole. It always seems like the pole that I am not holding gets the bite. I like to target catfish in the summer with my kids and grandkids, and I would miss so many fish because I didn’t pull the pole fast enough when I got a bite. Sometimes I wouldn’t notice the bite because I was tending to the children and the fish would get away. I was constantly reeling my line back in to bait the hook. This, in addition to hauling all of the equipment, did not make my day very enjoyable. This portable bucket system has solved all of my problems and has allowed me to enjoy both fishing and my loved ones. I wanted to share it with every avid fisherman.

Miss No Fish- Portable Fishing Pole Holder – How Does it Work?

Fill any 5-gallon bucket with water and attach the MissNoFish. You can adjust both the bite tension and pole angle. When a bite is triggered, based on your setting, it sets the hook automatically and holds your rod tip up. It can also be used as a stationary holder for your pole.

Can Miss No Fish be a Portable Fishing Rod Holder for Boats?

Yes! The Miss No Fish system is a perfect system for portable fishing pole holder for boats because it does not need to stake into the ground, attached or clamp to anything permanent. Stakes can bend or may not work right for every ground surface. Clamps only work when there’s something to clamp on to. Our system can go with you as long as you bring your utility bucket!

Quick set up

Posted by Miss-No-Fish on Monday, May 1, 2017

Won’t the bucket tip over if I have a big fish?

Filling the bucket with water will be sufficient in most cases. If you are in to some whoppers though, you can use a heavier weight.

Can I remove my Miss No Fish from my bucket when I am finished with it?

Yes, lift up on the individual clips and the MIss No Fish will pop right off.

How can I adjust my pull tension?

When fishing smaller fish, use one marine cord. If you are wanting more pull tension, use both marine cords included.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Check out was convenient and easy! Can’t wait for my husband to use it! He’ll have to brave the cold and try it out ice fishing this winter!

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