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According to Kristine Bauer, Owner of YES I AM Designs, her business isn’t just business, it’s personal. Kristine’s business creates treasurable personalized gifts and memories. She enjoys getting to know her customers because, “Every piece I make has a story”, she says.

 Personalized Baby Lighted Birth Block     Personalized Santa Sacks     Pet Ornament – Personalized

 Memorial Ornament – Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near     Memory Steel Tumbler     Personalized Christmas Elf

Her business actually began as a gift, last year. Every year at Christmastime, Kristine and her partner Whitney would exchange a special ornament. Last year, Kristine decided that she wanted to make hers even more special, and decided to handmake one. From there she says she was hooked.

Yes I am Designs


Because Kristine also owns a groom shop, Pawz in North Liberty, she began making her clients Pawz Christmas ornaments. After that she said the business skyrocketed, and she started changing it up every week to see what she could create. She quickly realized she could do almost anything and has been creating and personalizing gifts since then. “Our most popular are our tumblers. In addition, we do glass etching, decals, ornaments, memories, t-shirts, onesies. Just about anything you can think of we can do”, she says.

She has created gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and even ones that are in remembrance of someone special. She goes above and beyond on each piece.While typical orders can be turned around in just a few days, some of them she can spend up to two weeks to perfect.

“All of our tumblers are sanded, hand-painted, image transferred, and then triple-coat sealed with FDA compliant Epoxy. This process takes 10-14 days to complete”, Kristine notes. She also makes sure she starts with quality products before she enhances them. “We use a high-quality, double-walled, steel tumbler that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for up to 8 hours. We want our gifts to be ones that people will actually use”.

She feels fortunate that for her crafting that they were able to transform their 12×32 foot lawn mower building into a 384 sq. ft. craft room (a.k.a. studio or woman-cave). Now every time she crafts, she opens the door with anticipation and excitement on when she gets to create that day.

Kristine says that she loves both of her “jobs”.

“Grooming is very fulfilling as I LOVE animals, and crafting is fulfilling to create treasured gifts that someone is giving with love”. She says that her partner Whitney and her dogs are really the inspiration behind her business, and she gets many of her ideas from them.

To check out all of YES I AM Designs products, shop her store, visit her Facebook page, or get in touch to create something special on her business listing page.




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