My R + F Journey by Renee Nydegger

I began my journey with Rodan + Fields in August 2015. I saw some posts on Facebook from a friend I hadn’t seen in years. Her posts were of before & after results from using the R+F products.

I had started to see some signs of aging that I wasn’t liking in my own skin. I had tried several different product lines in the past that didn’t help so I had kind of given up. I trusted my friend completely and I thought if she was involved with this company she must really believe in the products.

Rodan + Fields Before and After Photos Consultant in Cedar Rapids Iowa

More than just great products, Rodan + Fields is a great business opportunity

I am a Family Physician and when I first started with R + F I was working full-time at a local clinic. I was missing a lot of my kids’ activities and felt I really wanted to be home with them more. She shared with me that the business was allowing many people a sizable income. I decided to go for it and become a Consultant, and perhaps my extra income would allow me to work part-time hours.

After 1.5 years working my Rodan + Fields business, I was able to replace more than half my physician income and go to part time work. This has been an amazing change for our family. I now am home with my kids and family. I work while they are at school. It has 100% improved our family dynamics.

Rodan + Fields Lash Boost Before and After Photos Consultant in Cedar Rapids Iowa

This business can be anything you want it to be: extra income for a shameless shoe fund, or it can completely replace your Job A income.

In this business, I am able to help people with their skin concerns such as sensitivity, acne, and aging issues. The products really do work for the majority of the people who try it, but if they aren’t completely satisfied, there is a 60-day money back guarantee. Why not give the products a try?

There are no requirements for hosting parties and there is no inventory & delivery requirements. All of these things make this business something that I can fit into my busy life and provide a more stable and present life with my family.

Interested in learning more about the products or sitting down to learn about the business? I’d love to talk with you, just send me a message!

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