Katy’s Kitchen- Baking the World a Sweeter Place

Katy’s Kitchen creates custom cakes and cookies for birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations.

Katy Sennett, a local baker and owner of Katy’s Kitchen, is relatively new at running a business, however her skills in the kitchen have been around since a young age. Check out her story below and learn how she turned her passion into a business.

When did you first get into baking?

I first started baking when I was a child. I have a sweet tooth, and luckily my mom gave me free access to her cookbooks and the kitchen. I come from a large family, and with plenty of people around there were always willing tasters. Now that I have a family of my own, I still enjoy being in the kitchen preparing delicous meals and creating yummy desserts.

Katy from Katy's Kitchen as a Child

Katy as a child with her birthday cake

What was the turning point when you decided to turn your passion for baking into a business?

Aside from baking, another passion of mine is volunteer work. A few years ago I joined a local organization that provides free birthday cakes for kids in need and for meals on wheels. This gave me a lot of practice and the freedom to experiment with cake decorating. I realized it was a passion of mine that I wanted to pursue further.

What do you enjoy baking/creating the most?

Whatever project I am working on at the moment, is the one that I enjoy the most. I love challenges and work to surprise myself with what I can come up with.

Custom Jungle Safari Cake Katy's Kitchen Cedar Rapids Marketplace copy

What is a favorite creation that you have made so far and why?

Carved cakes are a favorite of mine, such as the old time truck cake and the standing Princess Poppy cake. Most people may not realize the amount of work that goes into the design, structure, and support of carved cakes. I love the challenges though and succeeding at them!

Custom Carved Truck Cake Katy's Kitchen Cedar Rapids Marketplace

Custom Carved Truck Cake and Matching Cookie Favors

Princess Poppy Trolls Cake Katy's Kitchen Cedar Rapids Marketplace

Large (over 2.5 ft. tall) Princess Poppy Cake. Her head is chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and her dress is lemon cake with lemon buttercream.

What are some unusual cake requests you’ve had?

My sister asked me to make a 3D cake version of her childhood drawing as a surprise for my mom. It was a drawing she made of my mom when she was in preschool. My mom loved that drawing so much that she framed it and it has been hanging on her wall ever since. It was so much fun to create an edible version of a drawing. I guess this is another favorite cake of mine because it was fun to see it come to life and my mom was so surprised and delighted by it.

Custom Cake from Drawing- Katy's Kitchen Cedar Rapids Marketplace

Custom cake on the left with the original drawing on the right.

Another unusual cake I had was for a 14 year old’s birthday. It was a hand sanitizer cake. When the order was placed she gave me the explanation that “teenagers are weird”.

Unusual Cake Request Hand Sanitizer Birthday Cake Katy's Kitchen Cedar Rapids Marketplace

Hand Sanitizer Birthday Cake

Is there something you haven’t made yet that you really want to try?

Yes! I would love to make children’s artwork come to life in edible form like I did with that cake. I want to try a child’s drawing or print on cookies. I think that would be neat for a child to hand out to their friends.

Paint Your Own Princess Cookies

Paint Your Own Princess Cookies – Fondant covered cookies with edible watercolor (frosting) and a paint brush

What has been your biggest learning experience so far in your business?

That my time is valuable. Custom cakes and cookies are very time consuming. A lot of effort goes into creating what the customer is envisioning. I have learned that if I am not charging accurately for the work that is involved, I cannot continue to do this work and still love it. I hope that my customers understand this and value my time as well.

Custom Emoji Cake Katy's Kitchen Cedar Rapids Marketplace

Emoji Birthday Cake with matching Favor Cookies

What are your hopes for the future of your business? Own a bakery? Get into retail? Teach classes?

Who knows? All of that sounds fun, but I am happy where I am at this point in my life. Being a home baker allows me to work around my kids’ schedules, even if this means staying up late at night or getting up extra early when everyone is asleep.

Chalkboard Cookies Katy's Kitchen Cedar Rapids Marketplace

Write your messages with Chalkboard Cookies and EDIBLE “chalk”

Is there anything else you’d like someone to know about you or your business?

That I truly love what I do. I only want to continue to grow and learn and produce quality products.

If someone wants to see your full line of work, purchase your creations, or set up a custom order, where should they go?

If you want to view my work, I always post all of my creations on Instagram and my website. I also have items in my shop on the Cedar Rapids Marketplace that you can order directly on the site and even schedule a pick up date. If you want to book a custom order, call or email me to inquire about the order and date.

We are so happy to have Katy’s Kitchen on the Cedar Rapids Marketplace. If you’re as passionate about cake as we are about small business, please help us spread the word about about Katy’s Kitchen and her wonderful creations.

Click here to visit Katy’s Kitchen’s business page with all of her contact information and links.

Click here to visit Katy’s Kitchen’s shop with all of her items you can purchase right now.


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