Former Passion Turns Into a Current Business for a Local Teacher

It’s never to late to pursue something you’re passionate about. For George Herman, owner of The Well Spoken Monkey, he’s found passion once again in something he’s loved since he was young… photography.

Humble Beginnings

Kodak Duoflex II Well Spoken Monkey“I became interested in photography when I was a child with my very first camera. It was a Kodak Duoflex II and I still have it,” said George. “Pictures back then were just black and white.”

In high school, George worked as a photographer for the school newspaper and yearbook, which really peaked his interest. At the time, he decided that being a photographer would be his career choice with a goal to work for the National Geographic magazine. He even attended college at Hawkeye Institute of Technology (now Hawkeye Community College) with a major in photography.

Change In Plans

George admits that “life got in the way”. Though he continued with photography and photographing weddings, it never became the career he’d dreamed of. Years later he decided to get back into photography, and he started shooting sport shots of his grandkids, landscapes, and anything else that caught his fancy.

Because of his interest in cars, he also started photographing cars at car shows. “I especially liked the muscle cars from the late ’60s and early ’70s. I wanted a way to share my car photos, but wasn’t sure how or where.” After talking with one of the photography teachers at Prairie High School (where George teaches Industrial Tech), he found that selling over the internet may be the best place.

The Well Spoken Monkey

George will be retiring from teaching at the end of this next school year. He has decided that he wants to continue taking photos and making products as his retirement job. “That’s where the Well Spoken Monkey comes in”, said George, “I needed an outlet for my endeavors and the Well Spoken Monkey is the outlet”.We’re excited to be a part of George’s future plans. So far, George has listed several photos in his store on the Cedar Rapids Marketplace, and he will continue to update it with more photos and products throughout the coming months. Click here to visit his shop, and view all of his photos.

George, Owner of The Well Spoken Monkey, and his wife

George, Owner of The Well Spoken Monkey, and his wife Donna


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