Direct Sales Businesses – A Listing on the Cedar Rapids Marketplace Could Help Attract New Customers

Want customers to find you?

One of the biggest challenges for many home-based business Consultants/Distributors is to try and reach their target audience without violating any policies set up by their companies. There is a fine line of talking about your business and the products you love online, to directly selling or recruiting online, in which the latter case might be a “no-no”.

The Cedar Rapids Marketplace directory of services is NOT an online auction or e-commerce solution. The Cedar Rapids Marketplace directory of services is just simply that, a directory of services. It helps potential customers find providers of that service in the Cedar Rapids, IA area. Consultants/Distributors can provide a description of themselves, their business, contact information, business website, or social media links on their directory listing.

What’s the benefit of listing on the Cedar Rapids Marketplace?

The Cedar Rapids Marketplace allows LOCAL customers to find and contact you directly. Instead of constantly having to promote your business to your own friends or family (which can sometimes be a turn off), it allows the customers that may already be aware of the brand to view profiles of consultants/distributors and choose the one that they want to work with.

Since the products being sold by each business are the same, the purpose of the directory listing for a consultant/distributor is about selling YOURSELF, YOUR story, and why YOU choose the products. Maybe they’ll identify with a certain person because of their story, or perhaps because they’ll have mutual friends, or even just because you have something in common.

For most home-based businesses, the policy allows you to sell to contacts made through social media as long as your presence is compliant with the company policies and branding. Not 100% sure if your company allows you to use a directory service? We’ve gathered the results we’ve found here to help make your decision easier.* If your business is not shown, we were not able to find policy information for your company, and you will need to check into your business’ specific policies.

* It is the responsibility of anyone listing their consultant-based business in the Services section of the Cedar Rapids Marketplace to comply with the corporate operating procedures.


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