Cedar Rapids Family of Artists Has Gone Colorfully MAD

If you have ever attended a Cedar Rapids Downtown Farmers’ Market or another event in the area, you’ve probably seen these MAD artists’ work. They create the beautiful walking billboards that are highlighted on happy children’s faces. I’m talking about the Dvorsky women- Marti (mom), and her daughters Melissa, Lizzy, and Staci. You may know their businesses as MAD Art Parties and More and CR Sisters Face Painting.

Beautiful face art by CR Sisters Face Painting

Group photo from a MAD Art Party

Marti Dvorsky has been creating art since she was a child. “I began drawing realism at a very young age. After I became an adult, abstract art became my passion and a means of escape. Finding something that I am passionate about while allowing a break from reality is why I love to paint”, Marti Says.

Marti is a working artist in Cedar Rapids, teaching painting classes, creating commissioned paintings, and painting for pleasure. “Today, the images I paint are sort of a blurred vision of reality mixed with a little fun and madness.”

It was almost seven years ago when Marti started teaching her style of art to family and friends, and MAD Art Parties and More was created. It has grown into a business that she shares with her daughters. “I’ve made many new friends through this business, and received many wonderful compliments on how my classes are like therapy. To me, they are a very joyful time of showing someone that they can paint and it’s ok to have happy mistakes. Painting is meant to be fun and that is what I want my students to experience.”

MAD Art Parties & More teaches about two classes a week. Follow them on Facebook to register for one of their upcoming classes. You can also purchase any of their one-of-a-kind artwork directly on the Cedar Rapids Marketplace through their store.

Marti (left) using her fingers to paint

Talent does not stop with Marti in the Dvorsky family. Her two daughters Lizzy and Staci are the creative women behind CR Sisters Face Paining. At just 8 years of age, Lizzy started making jewelry. Lizzy wanted an outlet to sell her creations so, at age 11, the family reserved a space in the Cedar Rapids Downtown  Farmers’ Market.

After many years of selling jewelry (that turned into a fun family hobby business), Lizzy noticed a child with his face painted. She had to give face painting a try. Lizzy says, “For almost two years I did not charge for my face painting, I only took tips. During that time I was learning new techniques and practiced my skills. However, once the tips started making more money than my jewelry business, that’s when I made the shift.”

Lizzy face painting for an event

Staci beautifully hand-painted

Twelve years later, Lizzy is working full-time in the face painting business alongside her sister Staci.

They are well known as the artist face painters, painting at events all over the city and surrounding areas, even booking a year in advance for several dates.  You can check out their business page on the Cedar Rapids Marketplace to contact them for your next event, and follow their beautiful creations on Facebook.

This family of artists is MAD with talent. Their work has been featured in art galleries, NewBo Art Fest, 3rd Street Pianos (by the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance), and recently even at the west side Chick-fil-A.

Lizzy has been creating murals and this one at Chick-fil-A was hand-painted just for them. Look for another great design there this coming Easter.

Above all, what these talented women want you to know is, “We love our jobs!

We are so glad to have their talent in our Cedar Rapids community and grateful to feature them as a part of the Cedar Rapids Marketplace!


More artwork created by these MAD Artists:


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